The Brain Dynamics Toolbox

The Brain Dynamics Toolbox is open-source software for simulating dynamical systems in neuroscience using Matlab. The Handbook is the official guide to using the toolbox.

Heitmann & Breakspear (2017-2021) Handbook for the Brain Dynamics Toolbox. 1st Edition: Version 2017c, ISBN 978-1-5497-2070-3. 2nd Edition: Version 2018a, ISBN 978-1-9805-7250-3. 3rd Edition: Version 2018b, ISBN 978-1-7287-8188-4. 4th Edition: Version 2019a, ISBN978-1-0861-1705-9. 5th Edition: Version 2020, ISBN 978-0-6450669-0-6. 6th Edition: Version 2021, ISBN 978-0-6450669-1-3.